Princess Empress

E.S.S. Royal Highness
Princess Empress of the World

Maryam Zirkunskonsky

“Princess-Marquiss Mariam”
(Mariam Fernandez Rodriguez)
Her Royal Highness Princess -Marquis Mariam, ESS.Princess Empress of the World named her Maryam Zirkunskonsky by the Royal Crown of Durland Kingdom is the founder of Rufikan Stocks&Real State, Afrikan Stocks and United African Nations.

Princess Empress Maryam is a world traveler, worry for the societies of the world, feeling impotence observing the difference between first, second and third worlds traveling. Her goal in life is change the economy of the world; she designed Rufikan Real State&Stocks and United African Nations. Her mission is solve the problems of society and build a first world for everyone

Become a Volunteer

RUFIKAN Stocks & Real State is hiring designers and architects exporting international products and innovate constructions, we help enthusiastic business owners volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

Princess Empress Maryam Zirkunskonsky stop the war of Lybia saying constructions are very necessary, heavy artillerie is made it for kill dangerous wild animals”